Online Divorce in Tennessee: Documents Preparation

Surviving the divorce process is a real challenge, especially when you are unfamiliar with everything that goes into it. What to do before filing for divorce? How to start filing for divorce? Can I file for divorce myself? How to get divorced without an attorney? Can you get divorce papers online? What happens after you file for divorce? All these questions need answers, and the difficulty in getting them causes considerable stress.

In addition to being exhausting, the divorce procedure is quite expensive, forcing couples to look for ways of getting cheap divorce in Tennessee. Luckily, they have an opportunity to apply for a divorce online and experience a simpler, faster, and cheaper process. Online divorce in Tennessee is a perfect option to save much time and money, eliminating the need to hire attorneys. An online divorce service like ours can be a wonderful assistant if you have a full-agreement uncontested case and decided to try online divorce in Tennessee. We offer help in preparing divorce documents online for a moderate price, making a cheap divorce in Tennessee a reality.

With our divorce help online, you get a full package of filled-out forms that suit your individual case and a step-by-step guide on the filing procedure if you aim to divorce in Tennessee online. We guarantee that the papers we offer meet the state's legal standards so you can safely apply for divorce in your county and undergo a quick and simple procedure of online divorce in Tennessee.

Grounds for Divorce in Tennessee

State laws recognize no-fault and fault-based legal grounds for divorce in Tennessee. The only no-fault grounds for divorce in TN are irreconcilable differences between the spouses. Fault-based legal grounds for divorce in Tennessee include:

Legal grounds for divorce in TN are outlined in the Tenn. Code Ann. § 36-4-101.

Divorce Papers in TN (Tennessee): What Forms Do You Need to File

Divorce papers in TN that must be filed with the court vary depending on the county, the type of your case, and the accompanying circumstances. So, in addition to a few basic forms, you may need some other papers for divorce if you have children, for example, or if you request additional services and orders. A very popular question among divorcing couples is, “Can I get divorce papers online?” Yes, it is possible to find Tennessee divorce papers online and prepare them for your online divorce application. However, it is advisable to research the issue first and find out which divorce papers in TN are necessary and if you can get these Tennessee divorce forms online.

Here is a list of the most common online divorce papers in Tennessee:

Request for Divorce

Filed to present the core information about the spouses and to ask the court for a divorce.


One of the supplementary divorce papers in TN that may be required to summon the responding party to appear before the court.

Divorce Agreement

Outlines the terms agreed upon by the spouses, including property and debt division, child custody, alimony, etc.

Permanent Parenting Plan Order

Used to specify the details of child custody and support

Child Support Worksheet

One of the divorce papers in TN filed if minor children are involved. It specifies child support amounts, the paying party, and how the payments should be made.

Final Decree of Divorce

Should be approved and signed by the judge. It outlines all the findings and orders that the parties should abide by.

Divorce Certificate

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Some of these online divorce papers in Tennessee should be filed right away, while others will be needed at some later stage. Therefore, follow the local court rules to complete and file your Tennessee divorce forms online properly.

So, how to get divorce papers online? You may visit the Tennessee State Courts website to check if you can download easy divorce papers. Or you can use our online divorce paperwork preparation service to get the full package of case-specific filled-out cheap divorce papers online. If you choose to obtain our Tennessee divorce papers online, you will not have any trouble filing them with the court since they are 100% up-to-date and meet all the state legal standards.

Compare your options for filing for divorce in Tennessee

Divorce with a Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer is a good decision in a contested divorce when you need someone to protect your rights in court. However, despite its benefits, you should also be aware of possible risks:

Online Paperwork Preparation Service

Assistance with document preparation online may be the easiest, the fastest, and the cheapest way to file for divorce. Here are the benefits that you get if you choose our services:

Do-It-Yourself Divorce in TN

A DIY divorce in Tennessee may be the best way to file for divorce if you want to minimize expenses. Nevertheless, such an option can entail certain challenges that you must be aware of:

How to Fill out Tennessee Divorce Papers

The first step in filing for divorce is completing the paperwork. But how to fill out divorce papers yourself? Here are some useful tips on how to complete the paperwork before you file for divorce in TN online:

  • When you file for divorce in TN online, you should gather and fill out the necessary papers. The process progresses in several stages, each requiring a certain set of documents to be filed. Besides, some of them may be required in your county or even your local court. We recommend researching the issue first and determining what forms are necessary in your specific situation.
  • Accuracy in providing information when getting a divorce in Tennessee is the main rule for completing divorce paperwork. The slightest mistake or confused steps in filing for divorce may force you to file for divorce in TN online Misspellings, wrong names or dates, erroneously checked boxes, etc., are not mere typos in such matters. They can prevent you from getting the desired outcome regarding children, property, or alimony and even cause serious legal issues later. So, be extremely attentive when filling in the forms, ensure that you answer all the required questions, provide accurate data, and spell everything correctly.
  • Certain fields in some divorce forms must be filled out by the clerk, the notary, the lawyer, or the judge. Make sure to avoid them and give them to the right person to sign before you file for divorce in TN online.
  • Be sure to make and complete the necessary number of copies of each document when filing for divorce in TN. Check with your county court clerk on the required number of copies to be time-stamped and the following actions to be taken concerning each of them. It is also advisable to make some extra copies of the blank forms in case you make a mistake.

A do-it-yourself divorce in TN presupposes an easy divorce filing procedure as you are in full agreement with your spouse and have no contested issues. However, all the papers must be filled out flawlessly to ensure that the judge will accept them and you will get what you expect, whether you file for divorce online or in person.

How to Get a Divorce in Tennessee without a Lawyer

If you ask, “How to get a divorce in Tennessee without a lawyer?” the short answer is to reach a full agreement with your spouse. Getting a divorce without an attorney also requires you to have an uncontested divorce in TN, meaning your grounds for divorce would have to be “irreconcilable differences.”

In such a case, as you have already negotiated with your spouse and both of you are ready to file for divorce in TN online without contesting anything, you will not necessarily need a legal professional to represent you or attend countless hearings. Consequently, a full-agreement online divorce in Tennessee would be the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to dissolve your marriage.

So, how to file for divorce in TN without a lawyer? Here is a short guide on the state laws you need to consider and steps you need to take before filing for online divorce in Tennessee.

To file for an ordinary or an online divorce in Tennessee, either one or both spouses must have lived in the state for a minimum of 6 months, or both should live here when the grounds for marriage dissolution emerged (Tenn. Code Ann. § 36-4-104).

You may state either irreconcilable differences or one of the fault-based grounds stipulated in the Tenn. Code Ann. § 36-4-101 when you file for divorce in Tennessee online. However, it may be harder to avoid hiring a lawyer in the latter case since the spouse’s fault should be proved.

Couples planning to get a Tennessee online divorce should divide their marital property and debts – those obtained during the marriage. If spouses cannot agree on this matter, it will be resolved in the courtroom.

Under the Tenn. Code Ann. § 36-4-121, property and debts are divided equitably, in the way that seems fair to the court. In such decisions, they consider the marriage duration, both spouses’ contribution to it, each party’s abilities and needs, etc.

According to the Tenn. Code Ann. § 36-6-101, spouses may be granted joint child custody or only one may be awarded sole custody while another is left with visitation rights. Normally, such issues are decided in the kids’ best interests. Parents’ inability to resolve this dispute leaves it up to the court to decide, considering factors like children’s needs, safety, and relations with both parties, each spouse’s ability to co-parent and provide for the children’s needs, family history of abuse and neglect, etc.

Financial support is calculated following Tennessee child support guidelines. The amount that the noncustodial parent must pay is determined by the number of children, their needs, the time they spend with each parent, and both spouses’ incomes (Tenn. Code Ann. § 36-5-101).

Financial support paid by one spouse to another is determined considering both spouses’ needs and ability to meet them, earning capacity, property, employability, age, physical and mental health, contribution to the marriage, fault in causing divorce, presence of dependent children, and the marriage duration (Tenn. Code Ann. § 36-5-121).

So, if you are filing for divorce in Tennessee without a lawyer, ensure that you meet the state requirements and agree with your spouse on all the aforementioned matters to qualify for a full agreement and uncontested divorce in TN.

Do-It-Yourself Divorce in Tennessee

If you agree with your spouse on all the disputes and issues of your marriage dissolution, you can safely file for a do-it-yourself divorce in TN.

The most common question of our customers is, “How to file for divorce in TN online?” Here, we offer comprehensive instructions on how to file your own divorce. The basic steps in a DIY divorce in Tennessee are:

  1. Reaching agreements. If you want a quick and easy online divorce in Tennessee, make sure that you agree with your spouse on all the issues concerning your children and property. Complete a Divorce Agreement form outlining all the terms you have agreed upon to file it with the court at a later stage.
  2. Completing the paperwork. Obtain the forms necessary for the initial stage of your Tennessee online divorce and fill them in. Most likely, you would need a Request for Divorce and Spouses’ Personal Information. Check with the local court clerk what county-specific documents may be required.
  3. Filing the documents. Take the completed forms and the necessary number of copies to the chancery or circuit court of the county you live in and pay a filing fee determined by your specific court.
  4. Serving the other party. If you are filing divorce papers yourself and not jointly with your spouse, you will need to officially serve these papers by mail or through a sheriff’s deputy, a process server, or any other person above the age of 18 not related to your case.
  5. Waiting. Even a do-it-yourself divorce in TN has a waiting period of 60 days if you do not have children or 90 days, if kids are involved, before the judge can start processing your case in court.
  6. Attending the final hearing. The judge may schedule the final hearing, even in an agreed online divorce in Tennessee, to ask additional questions on the terms specified in the Divorce Agreement, approve the paperwork, and sign the Final Decree. Take copies of all the filed and date-stamped documents to the courtroom. Although only the plaintiff is usually required to attend the final hearing, it would be better if both spouses were present.
  7. Finalizing the divorce. To finalize your DIY divorce in Tennessee, go to the court clerk’s office to obtain the signed copy of your Final Divorce Order and pay for the copies.

If you do not want to hire an attorney and go through a simplified marriage dissolution procedure instead, you may wonder, “How do I file for divorce online?” In fact, it is quite possible and not very difficult to do this. However, you should reach all the agreements with your spouse to ensure that neither of you will contest the case.

Moreover, you may resort to our online paper preparation assistance if you are hesitant about getting the right forms and filling them in properly. After you complete our comprehensive questionnaire, our system will select and fill out the forms suitable for your individual case that meet the current Tennessee legal standards and will be accepted by any court in the state. In addition, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to file for divorce by yourself to equip you with the necessary knowledge and prepare you for your do-it-yourself divorce in TN.


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To get a divorce in Tennessee, either one or both spouses must have lived in the state for at least one year before filing a petition or the grounds for divorce happened here. If you meet this residence requirement, you may hire a lawyer, opt for a DIY divorce in Tennessee, or order the completed forms from the online paperwork preparation service and file for divorce in Tennessee online.

Tennessee laws do not require spouses to be separated before getting a divorce. However, a two-year separation is one of the legal grounds for divorce in the state.

To file for divorce without a lawyer in Tennessee, you need to agree on all the terms and conditions with your spouse, fill out the necessary papers, and bring them to the county court clerk.

In Tennessee, you cannot file for marriage dissolution while pregnant only if you seek an agreed divorce. However, while pregnancy is not an obstacle in a conventional process, it may prolong and somewhat complicate the procedure.

To start a divorce process in Tennessee, you need to file a Request for Divorce with the chancery or circuit court in the county where either one or both spouses live.